a Jukebox Musical BY MEGAN PATSEL

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TREY THE PLAY takes place at a time, at a school. Vague? You’ll get used to it-- this school isn’t like other schools! Unlike other schools you may have heard of, this one has a formal ban on drama, forbidding all students from any sort of juicy gossip, romance, or bickering that they'd like to participate in. Fortunately, there's one thing they can all agree on: Trey is hot and cool. And he's having a party tonight! Our core teens (a jesus-freak, a nerd, a dope, a drama queen, and a bully) meet a new girl in school and learn to leave their high school stereotypes behind to find out what it means to be Trey.

Staged Reading: May 21, 2019 - 8pm - The Pine Box Rock Shop, Brooklyn

Cast: Mary Beth Barone, Josh Nasser, Marshall Louise, Missy McIntosh, Dylan Adler and Megan Patsel, with special guest Timothy Dunn.